Youth Partizipation

Like a slice of bread without butter, a campfire without wood, or taking down a tent without bent pegs, a Scout summer camp without youth participation would be incomplete. Because who knows better what us teenagers want than ourselves? Correct – no one!

One of the two main principles of the camp is youth participation. Democracy is an important tool in our society, so it should also be integrated into the planning of summer camps, especially large-scale camps. Many important decisions need to be made years before the camp opens. Whether it’s the camp name, location, or theme, several teenagers have been involved in the planning stages and have contributed eagerly.

Noah Prigl

My name is Noah, and I am in charge of youth participation at WoidLa24. Whether it’s before or during the camp, I am the right contact person for your involvement and participation. You can always contact me at tvia E-Mail to actively or passively contribute to the camp. I am looking forward to your interest in WoidLa24!