Program & Age Groups

At WoidLa24, you can expect many opportunities to experience community and adventures. The program concept at WoidLa24 is based on three pillars:

The age group

The WoidLa24 program offers

Support for your ideas and visions

During the first four days of the camp, you will primarily spend time in your sub-camp, exploring WoidLa24 and the surrounding areas, forming friendships, and learning new things.

The CaEx & RaRo will spend two days offsite, including an overnight stay. After the shared festival day on Sunday, you will have three days to spend the time individually according to your ideas, traditions, and preferences. All camp activities and the numerous possibilities in the surrounding area (reservoirs, forests, castles, etc.) are available to all camp participants.

Whether you plan a 2-day hike, have a special project or venture in your group, start your own venture or project, take advantage of the many camp options, or simply relax for a day – all of these things will be possible! As part of the overall program, we want to offer you opportunities to try new things, meet other scouts, and design your time at camp according to your vision.

Woidla got Talent

This is your opportunity to showcase your talent to the world and create unforgettable memories together.

Woidla Got Talent” is more than just a show – it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and passion that define our scouting movement. Whether you sing, dance, juggle, perform magic, or present something entirely new – we can’t wait to see your unique talents!

For 5 minutes, the stage is all yours – use this time to showcase your skills and captivate your audience. Whether you perform solo or as a group, show what you can do.

So grab your instruments, costumes, or simply your courage! Your talents deserve to be heard and seen, and we can’t wait to see you shine on stage on Sunday afternoon during “Woidfest”

Age groups

Guides & Späher (10 – 13 years)

Caravelles & Explorers (13 – 16 years)

Rangers & Rovers (16 – 20 years)

Do you have any questions? Do you have a good idea? Do you want to implement a vision of yours at the camp? Do you want to work with us? WoidLa24 starts right now! Just get in touch with us down below!