Arrival & Departure

The campsite can be reached by train and public busses. There are no parking spaces available at the campsite. Upon request, we offer a shuttle service between the train stations Krems an der Donau, Göpfritz an der Wild, and the campsite. Costs for the shuttle service are not included in the camp fee. We strive to keep this additional charge as low as possible. As sustainable travel is important to us, the groups with the lowest CO2 emissions during their journey (per person per kilometer) will be rewarded.

August 5, 2024 is scheduled as day of arrival.  Delivery of equipment is possible on August 4, but we can not be held responsible for it. Overnight stay at the assigned campsite is possible for individuals who deliver camp equipment. . After setting up the camp, the grand opening ceremony for all participants will take place on the evening of August 5. The program will end with the closing ceremony on the evening of August 14. Departure will take place after dismantling the camp on August 15, 2024.