Stamm Facts

How to find the path to WoidLa24

Our costs

The WoidLa24 camp costs

€ 390.- GUSP (10-13 years)

€ 420.- CAEX (13-16 years)

€ 420.- RARO (16-20 years)

€ 170.- volunteer (from the age of 18 on) / Woid workers / discounted leaders

Non-reduced leaders pay the camp fee for the respective age group. Exceptions are leaders who participate in the camp with their children and young people and who agree to work with the age group programmes. They also pay the reduced fee.

Key for the reduced camp fee for leaders per age group

2 to 12 kids/teenagers:
2 leaders at discounted price

13 to 18 kids/teenagers:
3 leaders at discounted price

19 to 24 kids/teenagers:
4 leaders at discounted price

Each 6 additional kids/teenagers.
+ 1 Leiter*in ermäßigt

These are the next steps

Pre-registration is open for your group until June 2023. In the fall of 2023, detailed registration will be released.

As a volunteer, you can register at any time!

Still have questions?

If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, check out our FAQs or contact the camp management!