At WoidLa24, you can expect numerous opportunities to experience community and adventure. The program concept at WoidLa24 is based on three pillars:

The Division programs

The WoidLa program offerings

Support for your ideas & visions

During the initial days of the camp, you will primarily spend time with your group, exploring WoidLa and its surroundings, forging friendships, and learning new things.

After the communal celebration on Sunday, you will have three days to individually tailor your camp experience according to your own ideas, traditions, and preferences. All the camp activities and offerings will be available to all participants. Whether you plan a two-day hike, pursue a special project within your group, start your own initiative or venture, make use of the various camp facilities, or simply take a day to relax – all of this will be possible!

As the overall program team, we aim to provide you with opportunities to try new things, meet other scouts, and shape your camp experience according to your own preferences. If you have any wishes or suggestions, we would be delighted to receive them via email addressed to the program management.